has professional and technical staff with great experience in the area of electric power generation, is fully prepared to respond to your needs in the shortest possible time.


INGESERTEC S.A. is a company dedicated to provide solutions, that satisfy the needs and personalized demands of our customers in the electric power generation business, through our services; maintenance, assembly and technical assistance.


Consolidate us in 2020 as a recognized company in the national and international market for the integral development of hydroelectric projects; characterized by quality, excellence, seriousness and compliance in the rendering of services related to the electricity generation activity and generation plant operation respecting the environment and ensuring the physical integrity of its collaborators.


  • Valves, turbines, speed governors, generators, voltage regulators, control systems, supervision, protection, auxiliary AC and DC systems, and other equipment related to electrical power generation.
  • Hydro and thermal power generation stations and units.
  • Power generation units from 100 kW to 400 MW.




INGESERTEC S.A. in the execution of the assembly activities, maintenance and technical assistance in the field of electric power generation, ensures that comprehensive solutions are provided that meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders; complying with legal requirements and other applicable, under quality, safety, health at work and environment guidelines.

For INGESERTEC S.A., safety, health at work and environment are part of the very nature of its activity, in such a way, commits at all hierarchical and operational levels to avoid the maximum situations of risk and impact that can generate work accident, occupational disease and/or environmental pollution; guaranteeing the integrity of employees and facilities to get satisfaction

from our stakeholders, with the objective of achieving continuous improvement in all our processes, promote the human and professional development of our collaborators in an atmosphere of labor coexistence and environment protection.

INGESERTEC S.A. guarantees humans, technicians, physicists and financiers resources intended to comply with this policy.

All our collaborators must accept their responsibility to comply with the requirements established in the integrated management system of the company to achieve the plotted objectives and create a conscience and culture under quality, safety, health and environment guidelines.