• On the implementation of new development projects, modernization, power upgrading and rehabilitation projects concerning power generation.
  • Training of operatores and maintenance staff in best O&M practices.
  • Studies and solutions on generation projects.


  • Failure analysis/diagnostic and technical recommendations.
  • Electrical testing and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • Commissioning of power generation stations and units.
  • Inspection and dimensional control of parts and components.
  • Power plants operation.


  • Qualified staff with broad experience in Project Management, from new development, rehabilitation and modernization projects for power generation power plants, hydroelectrics and termal electrics.



  • Integral solutions of Corrective Maintenance.
  • Integral solutions of Preventive/Predictive Maintenance.
  • Repair and reconstruction of components and parts back to their original characteristics.
  • Rehabilitation of old generation units and their associated equipment.


  • Specialized assembly tasks using procedures accepted by world leading turbine and generator manufacturers.
  • Qualified staff with broad experience.
  • Specialized tools and equipment.
  • Assembly of power plants from 100 kW to 400 MW.


Supervisions for the following manufacturers worldwide:

  • INDAR ELECTRIC: assembly and commissioning of generators and auxiliary equipments, automatic voltage regulators.
  • VOITH HYDRO: assembly of hydro turbines and commissioning of speed governors.
  • EUSKABEA: assembly and commissioning of control, protection, auxiliary AC and DC systems.
  • ELECNOR: electromechanical assembly of hydro power plants.
  • ANDRITZ HYDRO: assembly and commissioning of protections, auxiliary AC and DC systems.